Muscles Pave the Way for Easier Garden Access

Sunday 10th October 2021

Lupus UK has benefitted from a donation made from Bramford hosts Caroline and Mobbsy, who were the recipients of the services of MFC on 9th October 2021.


The MFC team delivered a very professional service and were able to dig out and lay a new garden path as well as removing various unwanted foliage from a garden wall and the subsequent planting of 3 large bamboo trees.

Our hosts who provided constant tea / coffee and cakes were thrilled with the end result. Great job team!

Muscles project number – 432                                                                                                  
Total voluntary hours – 16,728

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Magnificent MFC benefit Cancer Research

Saturday 14th August 2021
Twelve members of the UK team descended upon Martlesham Suffolk where the tasks consisted of breaking up a large area of concrete , breaking some smaller concrete paths , removing an unwanted tree and general foliage clearance. 

The property is owned by Lauren and Rod Hills who are in the process of renovating the 1960 bungalow.

The concrete, which is due to be recycled was required to be broken and piled prior to the arrival of a digger / driver who will complete the next stages of an extension.

The team benefitted from the attendance of Aaron and his industrial breaker which made light work of breaking the concrete.

This was also complimented by two further breakers owned by Alan Seaman (thanks Al) and MFC. Excellent catering was provided by Lauren and Pam / Rob Soames who made sure that the team remained hydrated and fed throughout our stay (thank you).

A donation has been made to Cancer Research which is very close to MFC hearts (again thank you). The team worked in unison making sure that their hard efforts matched / exceeded the expectations of our hosts who were extremely pleased with the end result.

On behalf of Lauren, Rod & us sincere thanks to you and the Muscles Team for the tremendous amount of work you all got through this morning at Chandos. A real credit to you, Phil & all involved & much appreciated.  Lauren will sort out the donation at the earliest. Best regards, Rob & Pam

Muscles project number – 431                                                                                                     Total voluntary hours – 16,684

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Garden Shed Disposal

On Saturday 31 July 2021, Simon, Bernie and Phil from the UK team completed a quick garden shed disposal job in Faraday Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, following which a donation was made by the client to East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH).

Thanks to the use of Simon’s trailer, the team was able to transfer all of the old panels, windows, doors and associated debris to Foxhall Recycling Centre in one go, meaning that even with a quick break for tea / coffee and a breakfast slice, the whole task was completed in 90 minutes.

Muscles project number – 430                                                                                                     Total voluntary hours – 16,648

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UK Muscles return to action with garden clearance

On Saturday 24th July 2021 eleven members of the UK team embarked upon their first project of the year at the home of Chris in Henley Road, Ipswich. He approached the muscles team to help with an overgrown garden he had inherited having just moved to the property with his 3 children.


Only 5 days previously Covid Pandemic restrictions been eased but precautions were still taken to reduce any risks.

Adam coming up with a genius solution to start the broken hedge trimmer

The weather remained dry and warm for the team as they set about clearing trees, bushes and other vegetation in the front and back gardens. A production line soon formed where all vegetation was brought to Richard operating the impressive shredder on kind loan from BTS, a local Suffolk company providing clearance services to the electricity distributor network nationwide.

A skip was on hand to receive the chipping the big orange monster churned out.

New member Kristina joined the team and soon got stuck in and enjoyed the comradery.

Chris and his girlfriend Vic provided halftime bacon sandwiches and drinks to keep the team going.

After the project completed Chris expressed his thanks to everyone who had volunteered their time and couldn’t believe the difference made in the 4 hours:

“Organiser and good friend Nick Bentley popped over to look at my new house and as we discussed the many jobs I had to do to get a rather tired property to somewhere near ship shape he suggested the possibility of getting muscles for charity over next weekend to help clear the gardens front and back. Leave it with me he said! Within the week he had arranged for 11 people to give up their Saturday mornings and had even arranged a chipper. All I did in prep was arrange for a skip and get the bacon and baps in! 🙂

My goodness they all arrived on-mass all friendly and polite and keen to get started. After a short brief they sprang into action. Dispersing to their allotted areas of the gardens. In a few short hours the entire front garden was cleared of overgrown vegetation and two tall firs were felled. This exposed a small cherry tree, plum tree and a lovely wall and iron fence I didn’t know I had as it was totally covered in ivy.

The back garden they removed a large old cherry tree that was growing into and smothering the garage and generally pruned and cleared so I can now see what I need to do and also I now have a sky view through nearly 20no. 10m tall firs. Like in the front garden they treated existing plants sensitively and again I discovered I had small cherry, plum, fig and olive trees.

What an enjoyable morning and thanks to all that gave up there time and participated in helping me out. I have now donated to Prostate Cancer UK who have thanked us and advised that the money is being put to good use already. Helping to diagnose, treat, prevent and support those with prostate cancer sooner.

Just as they arrived, they quickly disappeared into the distance smiling and waving although drenched in blood and sweat! Thanks once again Muscles for Charity. Great job!!!” 

Chris Harper

A healthy donation has been made to Prostate Cancer UK.

A job well done

Muscles project number – 429                                                                                                     Total voluntary hours – 16,643

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Muscles members, of all ages, complete second phase of garden project in Chehalis, WA, USA

Fiveteen members of the US Muscles for Charity team returned to Chehalis, WA on Saturday 24th April 2021 to complete a garden makeover project for recipient, Barb Blackwell, that was started in November 2020.

Returning to Barb’s home in the quiet, undulating countryside near Chehalis represented a promise made in November 2020 when a smaller Muscles team started to clear parts of her five acre garden in limited daylight hours.

On 24th April 2021, after eight consecutive days of temperatures above 70 degrees, the Pacific Northwest weather reverted to 100% rain and below average temperatures throughout the day.

View of the house after the team cleared shrubbery and wind fall debris.

Team members from California, CA and Spokane, WA (a round trip of 720 miles) were determined to overcome the weather as they removed and rebuilt an eight foot high ‘deer fence’, pressure washed the wooden deck areas, removed winter tree debris, cleared overgrown areas of the garden, and entrance, driveway and built two large burn piles.

Pressure washing the areas surrounding the house
Members of the team erecting new eight foot high fencing to deter deer from entering the garden area.

The team also welcomed the newest, youngest members of the US team, Kaya and Kaden, who impressed the senior members with their positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills.

One of burn piles resulting from clearing winter windfall

Barb’s comments after the event summarise the teams attitude and hard work, “As I wander around my place this morning, I smile and feel a great sense of hope. Thank you one and all! I’m inspired by the new fence line, it reminds me of a grand stage prop that should wear a red velvet curtain . . . chicken wire will have to do for now. I’m excited to haul stuff in my gorilla cart and decide where to place the Adirondack charirs, who knows how long they would have remained in an unassembled state. Trimming back the ferns, hauling and raking gravel, pressure washing, fence building and clearing windfall, (I know my Barbie chain saw would not have dealt with that) . . . all that and nice human beings too, gives me hope for humanity”

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The global pandemic brings Muscles for Charity activity to a halt, but members of the US team pitch in to help a colleague prepare for a harsh winter.

Chehalis is a community of approximately 7,000 people situated in beautiful rolling and wooded countryside either side of Interstate 5 midway between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

Responding to a Chehalis based team members concerns about a potentially harsh winter and possible problems with the roof and surrounding five acres of garden, shrubs and trees, five volunteers traveled to Barbara’s home in November 2020.

Glenna and Frank examined, cleared and cleaned the roof, Judy, Joie, Barbara and Amy cleared the bird houses and pathways, pruned fig trees, bushes and small trees close to the house, while Frank and Bish took responsibility for the fencing situation.

Barbara was delighted with the teams efforts and the offer – quickly accepted – to arrange for a larger Muscles team to return in the Spring of 2021 to complete the fencing project and additional garden jobs.

Special thanks to Barbara for a special lunch – especially her delicious home made soup.

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MFC donate PPE to Ipswich Doctor’s surgery

MFC was happy to answer the call from an Ipswich doctor’s surgery who were running in short supply of face masks for their staff and are struggling to source any more.

Pictured below are Doctor Zoe and Nurse Practitioner Tabby who were delighted to receive MFC’s donation of 50 masks on behalf of their GP surgery.



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Muscles (UK) Team complete garden clearance

It was great weather, considering how wet and cold it has been recently, and there was never the slightest doubt of needing to bring the fall-back date into play. Typical, really, of how lucky we have been over the years on Muscles Saturdays.
Twelve volunteers donated a total of 36 hours labour on behalf of our customer, Liz, who together with her sister, Sandra, kept the team very well fed and watered with tea, coffee, muffins, cakes, and bacon sandwiches.

Liz and Sandra were both hugely appreciative of Muscles’ efforts and will be making donations to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the British Heart Foundation in respect of our efforts.


Muscles project number – 426                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,495
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First Job of 2020!

On Saturday 18 January, four MFC volunteers attended ’Shedquarters’ and completed necessary maintenance work that had resulted when recent storms had ripped the felt from the roof, saturated the boards underneath and caused water ingress.

The roof of the shed was lifted off, discarded and replaced with new materials that will hopefully see us through the next few years.

Whilst there, the gardening tools were sorted out and tidied – with some being put aside for donation to Tools With A Mission – and the shed was treated with a couple of
additional coats of water-based stain.
Muscles project number – 425                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,459
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Festive, end of the decade, greetings from Muscles for Charity.



The usually very serious team of professionals decide to take time off and show their elfish side. The founder members of ‘Muscles for Charity‘, (choreographed by the world renowned Bernie Morgan), morphed into Santa’s little helpers to show some amazing moves which are unlikely to be repeated – unless assisted by copious amounts of alcoholic beverage !!






Enjoy watching ‘some of the oldies’ in the festive movie by visiting  –

(Muscles for Charity is not responsible for any advertising associated with the You Tube link.)   During the last decade Muscles for Charity has grown from nine volunteers and 16 completed projects in 1998/9 to 434 projects and over a hundred members. Special thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and commitment.

Recognised and respected internationally, with teams in the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA, we are proud of our motto and tradition of ‘Never handling any money’.  

Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2020 from the whole Muscles for Charity team.




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