The Rendham Tree Project

Bernie's Muscles at RendhamA 60 foot Willow tree which had fallen across the River Alde at Rendham presented the Muscles volunteers with a unique opportunity to help cut and clear the obstruction.

Armed with excellent bacon sandwiches, the team (using  four chain saws ) helped reduce the huge tree over a six hour period.

The relief of seeing the River Alde flowing gently underneath the fallen tree, provided considerable satisfaction to the volunteers and Julie and Keith – the Rendham recipients.

Muscles job number 250 completed without anyone falling in the river !

Clearing in ProcessRiver Alde

Operation Willow

Operation Willow - conclusion

Within a day of the Muscles team helping to move the majority of the branches from the tree, a group of local friends armed with a tractor winched the tree trunk out of the river.  A totally successful operation for all concerned.  Great job everyone.

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