Children’s Hospice benefits from Muscles work

During the autumn of 2010, Tricia Higgins drew a detailed plan showing the changes and repairs that she required for her Martlesham Heath garden, and then invited ‘Muscles’ to undertake the work.   On Saturday 29th January, with the usual mix of fun and friendship, nine volunteers transformed the plan into reality, clearing paving slabs, repairing fencing and working on the lawn area.

Tricia thanked the team and commented, “The team were obviously having a good time, but worked extremely hard and I am delighted with the result. It’s been a long time since my garden looked so tidy – it’s suprising how bad things can get without realising it. Many, many thanks to the team, and to the Muscles for Charity organisation”.
Fingers crossed for some warmer weather so that Tricia can enjoy the results of the teams hard work (on a cold winter morning) and the satisfaction of a donation to the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.


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