Three Masters and a pregnant lady !!


The Muscles (USA) team started 2011 by avoiding continuous rain and undertaking a series of interior projects at North Bend, WA.  Hanging eight new doors and the associated trim required considerable patience and skill.  Step forward three top professionals, – Cyrus, Steve and Eric.  They provided a ‘master class’ for rest of the team members.

The pregnant lady is team member, Suzanne, who was totally surpised by a ‘Muscles Baby Shower’ !  Included in the gifts was a poster (pictured below) which, on close examination, provides confirmation that baby (Alison) will become the ‘youngest member of Muscles team’

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1 Response to Three Masters and a pregnant lady !!

  1. Abba Man says:

    What a fantastic job – woodwork skills , babies, great bunch of people doesn’t get much better than that ! Bernie M

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