Muscles in the rain, music in the kitchen !

The underlying theme for UK Muscles projects so far this year has been wet, cold and miserable weather.  Phil, Bernie, Simon and Kev braved all those elements when they undertook a combination of garden projects in Westerfield Road, Ipswich on Saturday 19th February.   The subsequent consumption of bacon butties was accompanied by an impromptu recital by Karen on the bassoon, and praise from Rich, the recipient:

“Just to report a very successful morning’s work, despite the inclement weather.  The tree is down and all the ivy removed from fence with the result that the garden looks much lighter. A number of garden tools which I had forgotten I had were also discovered!.It was too wet to consider doing the shed, but Bernie has measured up for the replacement wood and roofing felt and will get it for me when the shed is done at a later date, so that’s great. Many thanks.’                                                                                              Please note – this project completed on 11th June 2011 See Muscles – June 2011 for full details and pictures 


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