Pilates studio painted by Cheshire based team

Transforming a ‘Pilates’ studio in Paddington, on a wet Warrington weekend provided the Cheshire based muscles volunteers with a painting challenge, which resulted in the local ‘Families United’ charity receiving a donation from Tracey the studio owner.

The excellent result (top picture), was achieved after hard work by a total of six volunteers, (including new muscles virgins, James Bell and ‘Benny’ Jonathan Hill, alongside veterans Lee McGarity, Jonathan Gatley, Vicki Boswell and Team Leader – John Boswell), assisted by friends and members of Traceys family.  Special thanks to Tracey for the coffee and bacon sandwiches, and congratulations from the team for her subsequent 24 hour marathon pilates session !!

Families United is a local Warrington charity supporting disabled children, their families and carers.                       Visit www.familiesunited.org.uk

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2 Responses to Pilates studio painted by Cheshire based team

  1. Well done to the team muscles for charity you are brill. You have done a fantastic job on getting my studio painted and fit for purpose.
    You are a very professional group of people.
    I thank everyone that helped during this day and so sorry I coundnt help when you where their but I had to go and teach Pilates for 24 hours for Help the Heroes and Warrington Neo-natal unit which i also raised £5,200, which was helped by the 64 people that participated from 2-18 hours.
    I would recommend these professional people to get the job done. I will be calling on you again in a few weeks to help knock down a wall for the smaller Pilates/yoga studio.

    Thank you again to everyone involved for there help and support on my new business.


  2. John and Debs Boswell says:

    Thanks Tracey for your comments, we could not have done it without the food fuel and knowing that that you were also raising money for charity. 24hrs Wow, well done.

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