The Beach hut project – ‘job done’.

Phase 4 of the Handford House ‘Beach hut’ project was finally completed on Saturday 27th August 2011, thanks to the dedication and hard work of Steve, Simon and ‘guest volunteer’, Dave.

The first ‘memory stone’ is laid close to the Beach hut.

“Hi – it’s Linda from Handford House. It has been a real delight looking at all your pictures and photos, including the ones of the Handford Hut project but also to see your other projects and all those familiar faces and people that gave their time up for us.

I can tell you all that only today Irene and Iris from upstairs have visited the hut and Irene was able to remind herself of the memorabilia as it was her who decorated the shelves with me. But also Iris then remembered times at her own beach hut in Felixstowe in younger days and it just made it very special for them and staff member Nicky. Iris is 93 so this is wonderful. I will send you some pictures of our new gentleman who sat
inside the hut last week in his wheelchair and had a good look round. 
On Tuesday we have a working party outside and we have 200 daffodil bulbs to plant – so the garden continues thanks to you all.” 

Linda Owens 15th September 2011

Photographs from the various phases of this project are available in the March and April 2011 archives.  Here’s a brief reminder of previous phases of this five month project.

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