If its October, its got to be Rendham and a tree in the river

Rendham 2010, and the Muscles team descended on Keith and Julie’s rural home at Rendham, and helped to remove a large tree from the River Alde at the bottom of their garden.

Rendham 2011 and the Muscles team returned to an almost idential spot to assist Terry and Fran Titmus by removing trees and rubbish from the same river, and re-roofing their garden shed. Progress on clearing the river is reflected in the before and after photos.


While the majority of volunteers were busy working near the river bank, Steve was sharing his professional knowledge and experience with Terry and Bernie, Kev, Ed and David re-roofed the large garden shed.

Terry and Fran acknowledged the teams efforts ;  ” What can we say – except a very very big thank-you for a great job on Tuesday (midweek team) and Saturday (main team). I’m sorry I was unable to see everyone on Saturday as the chest and throat infection took hold big time. Wrapped in a blanket I did manage to go down to the river late afternoon and “what joy” we have at least forty foot more at the bottom of the garden and it looks really beautiful (I knew it would). As well as the store being extra watertight now and Steve giving Terry much appreciated advice on our house repairs we now have three sizeable worries off of our list. We are going to donate to “Parkinson Disease Society”, to “Madsods” and to “Wallace Kennels”. Once again thank-you all very very much for your support, love and for a fabulous job ”  Fran and Terry.

Thanks everyone, especially Johan and Rob who flew over from Antwerp for this project.

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