‘Magic’ Muscles in Micronesia

Denver based Muscles volunteers Chris Manos, Brenda Cartwright and John Marx (with help from Deanna Hay) firmly placed ‘Muscles for Charity’ in unchartered waters during a trip to one of the small island groups in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific.  The four small islands, (population 11,200) that make up the ‘State of Yap’ consist of rolling hills covered with dense vegetation, surrounded by an outer barrier reef.  Promoting Muscles, introducing the logo and concept, the trio helped raise funding and awareness across the Pacific island.

How did Muscles for Charity feature in Yap?    International Magician, Chris performed a series of magic shows at no cost benefiting the non profit organisation that promotes local traditions for the small island.  Chris performed his magic in front of a crowd of around 500 people at Yap’s Third Annual Canoe Festival.

Two one hour slots represented the first time that magic had been performed on the island, and was broadcast live on Pacific regional              radio to islands as far away as Guam and Palau.   This resulted in Chris, Brenda, Deanna and John being involved in an increasing number of impromptu ‘magic shows’ as the word spread.  Chris was subsequently presented with a special canoe paddle by the Island Chief, and left the island with the satisfaction of watching the faces of hundreds of new fans.

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