“The fence is intact, sturdy, and looks fantastic!.”

When Tricia Higgins fence required repair and replacement she made two decisions.     The first was to invite the Muscles team to help and the second was to chose a registered charity that would benefit from the ‘A’ teams work.


Muscles volunteers, – Kev, Tony, Alan, Bernie, Simon and Phil – hard work drew praise from a relieved Tricia,  “Can I just say thank you so much for such a great job yesterday – it’s taken a load off my mind, I used to worry about looking outside every day in case the fence had disappeared!  I was a bit worried this morning as it was very windy again, but now I’m reassured that I don’t have to worry any more – the fence is intact, sturdy, and looks fantastic! Thanks again, for the hard work and the friendly attitude.”

For the work at Tricia’s Martlesham Heath home her chosen charity was NSPCC.

Muscles for Charity starts 2012 by reaching another milestone.                                              100 registered charities have now benefited from our work.                                                          Thanks to the efforts of all our volunteers.

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