Muscles volunteers replace fencing for senior citizens in Suffolk village

Meet some of the team that replaced Bob and Rosie’s garden fence at Sproughton, Suffolk, in freezing temperatures.

2013 Sproughton High Resolution

2012 October - EVERYTHING 0172013 Sproughton high resolution fence

Bob and Rosie’s fence in late 2012, (above left) and the replacement in February 2013 resulted from hard work by the mid week team (Tony, Alan and Rich), plus the weekend volunteers (Bernie, Phil, Nic, Alan (S), Alan (T), Ed – and Team Leader Tony).

2013 Sproughton 32013 Sproughton 5

2013 Sproughton

2013 Sproughton 62013 Sproughton 4

The team work prompted the following comments from Bob and Rosie, “Thank you very much for the work you did  for us last week when  removing our fence on Wed.20th and replaced it with the new one  on Saturday 23rd,  It was nice to know we had  honest and trustworthy people to do the job. . . the fence looks really good and thanks again for all your time and hard work,  . . . . we have decided to donate to SHIMS and the MS Society (South Suffolk)”.

Great job, in freezing conditions, benefiting a delighted couple faced with the challenges of  multiple sclerosis.

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