Unique garden project for children with cerebral palsy (Phase 1)

2012 Glenna leaving 064DVLT_Logo_with_Charity_No.
During the Spring of 2013 the UK Muscles volunteers will be using their construction and woodworking skills to help build and install a specially designed play area and garden for children suffering from cerebral palsy. Situated just outside Ipswich, the Dame Vera Lynn Trust provides a vital service for parents of pre-school Children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities from across East Anglia.

Master classes led by Steve (the brick work specialist) and Bernie (wood working expertise) started in March.  The raw timber arrived in 5 metre lengths and was trimmed to size before construction commenced of the decking frames. More work to follow but a
good start. Construction of the wooden sections currently dominate Bernie’s workshop!

Workshop with bernie

get-attachment.aspxWood 3

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1 Response to Unique garden project for children with cerebral palsy (Phase 1)

  1. Sara White says:

    Thank you so much to everyone in the Muscles Team! from everyone at the Dame Vera Lynn Trust. It is great to see the project come to life and we look forward to more images of you hard at work as everything takes shape.

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