Unique garden project for children with cerebral palsy (Phase 2)

DVLT_Logo_with_Charity_No.MARCH 23rd 2013 – PHASE 2 of the project benefitting children with Cerebral Palsy, is seriously hindered by snow storms and freezing weather.

The original plan involved Steve, Kev and Dave building the foundations for the garden, Bernie and Sophie building the wooden decking, plus Nic and Tony driving to Lowestoft in Dave Mayes’ Transit to collect a magnificent range of garden and power tools generously donated by Kathy Ellis.

Steve - sheep leader8.00 am   Steve cancels the foundation work due to overnight snow and sub zero temperatures at Dame Vera Lynn Trust isolated premises at Burstall.

8.30 am   Nic, Tony and Dave arrive at Lowestoft and start to fill the Transit van with a collection of donated tools, including a wood chipper, petrol strimmer, long ladder, pressure washer, wheel barrow, rotovator , petrol lawn mower, petrol hedge cutter and an assortment of hand tools, storage crates and containers.

Special thanks from the team to Kathy and Calvin (featured below with Tony and Nic.)

Lowestoft haulDave maise Transit filling LowestoftLowestoft Tony and Nic

9.00 am.  Steve’s flatbed truck is loaded with wooden frames (built by Bernie) and transported – with help from Kev – to Dame Vera Lynn Trust premises.

10.30am  Chaos at Bernie’s home.  Building firm arrives to deliver more wood, fully loaded Transit from Lowestoft arrives to offload, Steve returns and a blizzard dumps snow everywhere.

Morgan HQ 2Morgan HQ 4Morgan HQ 6

Wood at Bernies

Team work ensures large items from Lowestoft are loaded onto Steve’s flatbed truck and transported to the Muscles Storage facility, and extra wood is stored courtesy of a thoughtful neighbour who provides a gazebo.

Tony at BerniesAfternoon progress at the ‘Decking Factory’ includes drilling 756 holes into decking batons, 126 decking boards cut to size and stacked in Bernie’s over crowded workshop.Bernie and Sophie

Special welcome to the Muscles team – and thanks  – to Sophie, Coleen and Dave.

Finally a note from Sara White at Dame Vera Lynn Trust;  “Thank you so much to everyone in the Muscles Team! from everyone at the Dame Vera Lynn Trust. It is great to see the project come to life and we look forward to more images of you hard at work as everything takes shape.”

Good Friday 2013

Steve and Kev brave a bitterly cold morning at the start of the Easter holiday to initiate progress on the foundations for the new facility at Dame Vera Lynn trust. Thanks guys.

EasterEaster 3

Easter 6easter 7

16 hours of hard work on a Bank Holiday. Hero’s. Well done Steve and Kev.

Easter Bank Holiday Monday 2013

The stirling efforts of Steve and Kev were replicated in warmer surroundings when Kev joined Bernie to complete the construction of 18 decking tops, using an efficient production line. This included filling all the 756 holes drilled by Tony a week previously.

Great progress during the Easter break – well done everyone.

bernie final 2Bernie final 1Bernie Final 3

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1 Response to Unique garden project for children with cerebral palsy (Phase 2)

  1. Sara White says:

    Wow! Well done to everyone & thank you all for giving up your time and working so hard over the very cold Easter weekend. I can’t put into words just how much the school appreciates your help with the project, we really couldn’t have done this without you guys, thank you. Fantastic images of the team working together on the project and a great example of how Muscles for Charity support others in their local community. Thank you x

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