Muscles volunteers join 51,000 runners for Blooms Day 2013 in Spokane, WA

bloomsday2013_logo_email.1.1A field of over 51,000 signed up for this year’s annual ‘Bloomsday Race’, in Spokane, WA – making it the largest timed road race in the world.

All the runners, including the Muscles team (pictured below – Neal, Joie, Becky, Jenny and Bish) were given a ‘Bloomsday Stands with Boston’ bracelet to wear during the 12 kilometre (7.46 mile) race.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Spokane Blooms Day 036  Spokane Blooms Day 025

Spokane Blooms Day 043Spokane Blooms Day 021

The annual charity event raises money and awareness for a number of local  non-profit organisations including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center and a range of programs for youth and families.

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