Tools with a Mission (Africa) – Muscles makes another contribution


For several years the UK Muscles team have supported Tools with a Mission by encouraging volunteers and recipients of our projects to donate old/used tools that are refurbished in the UK and sent overseas to assist developing countries. Batches of tools have been delivered since 2006 – photographs below.

TWAM tools from 2006TWAM tools  from 2008

In May, Muscles co-founder, Bernie Morgan delivered yet another significant donation to TWAM, courtesy of Ed Usher, John Ellis (deceased) from Lowestoft and a variety of other sources.

twam 2010TWAMThe concept of this registered charity is fantastic – it enables people in places like Uganda and Zambia to earn a living and to support themselves. It provides the means to transform from aid dependency to self sufficiency.”  Bernie Morgan.

All the equipment is refurbished ready to be used in vocational and training centres and will enable people to learn a skill.

TWAM photoTWAM website

Visit the Tools with a Mission website at

It you have any used tools, Bernie would be delighted to hear from you –,

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