Muscles volunteers complete unique garden for children with cerebral palsy

Saturday June 1st, and Muscles volunteers celebrate the completion of a unique garden project for children with cerebral palsy.MFC_DVL_010613_209

The celebration represents the culmination of three months voluntary work, mostly in inclement weather, as the Muscles volunteers prepared the groundwork and constructed the framework, flooring, ramps and play equipment for children with cerebral palsy at the Dame Vera Lynn Trust premises near Ipswich.

June 2013 DVLT 8June 2013 DVLT 21

June 2013 DVLT 2

The team effort complimented the construction and logistical ‘Master classes’ lead by Bernie and Steve.

The DVL project has seen vision turned into reality and has only been possible due the commitment and passion of many volunteers who have provided their time, abilities and passion which has resulted in a fantastic creation that will benefit many for years to come”.  Bernie Morgan.

The true recipients are the children and their parents who will enjoy
its use for many years to come and are unable to express their appreciation
until the project is finished“.    Steve Kent.

The official opening is mid June 2013. Although the garden play area is specially designed to be an integral part of the existing premises, it is capable of being relocated to different premises in the future.

Visit for a synopsis of the project.

June 2013 DVLT 15

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in this unique project from Sara White on behalf of DVLT –

DVLT_Logo_with_Charity_No.Monday 3rd June, Sunny Sproughton

On behalf of everyone at the Dame Vera Lynn Trust Suffolk I would like to thank all the members of the Muscles Team so much for all their hard work and efforts over the past months. I cannot express how grateful we are to everyone for giving up their time and expertise to make this project come alive. We really could not have made this happen without the support of the Muscles Team and it has been a pleasure to have witnessed the way the team works so well together to get the job done and to have spent time with the guys over the past few months. 

The project has been quite a challenge, especially when the weather hasn’t been kind, however there has been nothing that the Muscles Team couldn’t overcome! I know that you have spent hours on the project with lots of work been done in workshops away from the school. Bernie has worked his magic with the woodwork, making beautiful precision made modular boxes and the world’s largest dice! I know Steve has come in on extra days to ensure the project was up to speed – he has also had to put up with me calling him every week asking questions (sometimes silly ones), so thank you for your patience!

Every single person in the team has each had their part to play in making this happen with ‘teamwork’ been the key to the successful outcome. The garden looks fantastic! The children and families will absolutely love to learn in an outdoor sensory environment and will benefit greatly from the garden. It really is a great new addition to our facilities that will be enjoyed for years to come by lots of different children.

It has been such a pleasure to work in partnership with the Muscles Team and I cannot put into words how much we appreciate all the dedication and hard work you have shown over the past few months. We really could not have completed the project without you, it really is amazing. 

The official opening of the garden will take place on Thursday 13th June 11-2pm at the school and it would be great to see you there to celebrate your achievements. 

Well done! And thank you all again for your support and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Yours sincerely, Sara

On behalf of the US Muscles team – John Marx in Colorado
You have all done a tremendous honor to Muscles for Charity with this project which in many ways sounds like one of the most challenging and yet one of the most heart-warming projects to date.  Thank you all for your hard work and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there to assist with the project!
Best wishes from the colonies!, 
June 2013 DVLT 15
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