Access to ‘Muscles tool store’ accelerates seaside tree pruning.

2013 MFC felixstowe 12013 MFC FELIXSTOWE 2

Tree pruning on a sunny summer weekday afternoon, close to Felixstowe sea front resulted in hot, sweaty work for volunteers Alan, Tony and Phil, and satisfaction for Hazel as the trio lopped, pruned and cleared trees, hedgerow and shrubbery.

The long-reach chain saw, (part of a generous donation of power tools and equipment  by Kathy Ellis,) proved invaluable.

2013 MFC Felixstowe 32013 MFC Felixstowe 4

After that it was blood, sweat and tears. Well, without the blood and tears.  Job jobbed.

Finally a message from Hazel, “Again I must thank you all very much, the work that you did yesterday has made a tremendous difference, thank you all very very much, I hope we raise loads of money if ever I win the lottery, . .you can have all the tools you want!”

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