Seaside shedbase construction – no problem for Muscles volunteers


Meet the Muscles volunteers responsible for constructing the base and underground conduit for Dan Sloane’s seaside office, and (below) the base area – before and after.

Dan slab 4MFC 6

The midweek team, Tony, Ed and Alan, prepared the way for the ‘weekend warriors’ to complete the construction of a concrete slab base for a garden office, dig a trench for armoured cable, and refill from the house to the slab.

The teams hard work prompted the following e-mail from (recipient) Dan Sloane and his family, “Just a very quick note to say thank you for all your hard work last week.  As I mentioned on Saturday, I spoke to a couple of building contractors about completing this work and they were far less responsive and, in my opinion, far less professional than the Muscles team.  Caroline, myself and the girls are very happy to have asked you all to get involved.  

Please read to the bottom for details of Steve John Kent’s new fan club.    Nice one Bethany.


MFC 16 (2)

MFC 10MFC 12

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