Muscles involved in “Live and Let Bid’ Auction for Disabled.

IMG_7856 (2)For the seventh successive year Muscles volunteers played a small part helping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Bellevue, WA based ‘Helping Hands for the Disabled’.

The team’s favourite Auctioneer, Graham Crowe, (pictured) combined his professional skills with humour to cajole those attending to bid in a James Bond themed silent and live auction on Saturday 19th October.

Included in the overall total is sufficient funding for the purchase  of a new storage shed, walkway and interior painting materials to benefit the Helping Hands residents.

The Muscles contribution prompted the following message from Auction organizer, Suzanne Mc Crudden,

I am extremely grateful for the team’s dedication to Helping Hands.  Not only did everyone come and show support and raise $1500 towards a new storage shed in the back of Trail House – the team also supported with their own finances and spent a total of $1581 at the event!  And next comes the really amazing part where the team actually gets together for the project and amazing things happen. I am forever grateful to each person on the team.  Thank you so much!!”

Members of the Muscles for Charity team will undertake this project early in 2014.

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