Hard work and humour as UK Muscles team tackle rural Suffolk garden

2014 MFC Kates 3Muscles volunteers (from the left – Bernie, Ed, Phil, Nick, Simon, Kev, Alan T, Alan S) worked hard for 5 hours at Kate Lacey’s home near the East coast at Sudborne, Suffolk.  Cheerfully clearing the gutters and the rural garden, successfully felling a very large tree and completely filling a skip, in their own style.
2014 MFC Kates 132014 MFC Kates 10
The team complimented Kate – as usual – the perfect host ensuring that nobody went thirsty or hungry – and also reflected on the passing of ‘Gadget Man’ (Tony Spry).  Above all, the team approached the whole project with humour, hardwork and fun – and earned wholesome praise from a very satisfied Kate who nominated ‘Bobby on a Bike’ and the British Legion as her chosen charities.
2014 MFC Kates 52014 MFC Kates 16
2014 MFC KatesFirst, the rehearsal (above), then the ‘A’ team version.   Nice one, guys !
 2014 MFC Kates 4
Quote from Kate, “Gentlemen, Thank you all very much much for the work you did yesterday.  It is truly amazing to gaze out today and see daylight and a much bigger garden.”
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