Festive Greetings from Muscles for Charity, and a visit to our Christmas archive.

As 2014 rapidly draws to a close, Muscles for Charity volunteers celebrate another award winning year involving four international teams completing 18 projects in a variety of countries and contributing over a thousand voluntary hours (not including travel) to the overall team total of 12,300 hours.

In May, a record 26 volunteers descended on Tongerlo Abbey in rural Belgium, completed a project for the brethen, and enjoyed outstanding hospitality from our Belgian hosts.

At this special time of the year, a visit to the Muscles archive produced a 2007 Christmas story from Woodbridge, (UK) where the American born wife of the local Mayor collected festive decorations from Walmart and displayed them to benefit local charity.  Muscles became involved when Phil agreed to a request to install the (never ending) supply of lights and decorations. The chosen Saturday morning was one of coldest of the year but the team rose to the challenge and completed the installation in the early afternoon.

MFC 2007 Woodbridge Christmas 013 (2014_01_08 18_03_17 UTC) (2)

Unfortunately, that night the east wind gathered pace and strength and before dawn the majority of the lighting chased airspace reserved for reindeer activity and distributed unwanted electrical circuits and lighting across the town!

Happy Holidays everyone.

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