Muscles activity in 2015 starts with a ‘Stinky spoke’ !!


Happy New Year from everyone at Muscles for  Charity.  

US Muscles volunteers start 2015 with a ‘Stinky spoke‘ courtesy of international team members, Frank and Amy Soto.   Amy leads a bunch of Muscles volunteers who will manage the first ‘rest stop’ of a cycle endurance challenge, but ‘must be madFrank, Hoby and Kaito will take on the course and the weather on Saturday 17th January ! (statistically the worst weather day of the year!)

2015 Stinky SpokeThe 18 mile course, to the east of Seattle includes, ‘Up Heart Attack Hill’ on the Tolt, then Collin Creek, into the Watershed, Power Line through Farrel-McWhirter westward to the Samammish Trail, and  north to Redhook. (Yes, it ends at one of the best  Breweries in the Pacific Northwest.                                    About the event, that started this fun and muddy ride years ago on the worst weather day of the year, that’s where you get the Stinky part from.                         For a cause, non profit – Stinky Spoke – benefits Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center which brings equine-assisted therapies to children and adults with disabilities.

To securely donate to ‘Stinky Spoke‘ please visit –

The more gentile UK based volunteers, are in the advanced stages of confirming three jobs within a few miles of Ipswich during the first quarter – further details to follow, – and the Belgians are preparing to invade the Pacific Northwest in mid summer 2015.

Happy New YearImage courtesy of satit_srihin at

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