Muscles bikers involved in memorial ride to 43 lives lost in 2014 Oso mudslide

2015 Oso bike logo snohomish

March 22nd 2015 marks the first anniversary of one of Washington States deadliest events – the 2014 Oso mudslide which claimed the lives of 43 people.  This year’s McClinchy Mile Oso Strong Bicycle Ride on Sunday, March 15th was a memorial to the people and the communities affected by the disaster.

Route options of 37 or 57 miles, started at Arlington and traveled along the Stillaguamish River through the landslide zone. Frank (of Ipswich!), Hoby and Bish signed up for the ride, alongside around 300 other cyclists.

Unfortunately the weather failed to cooperate, and heavy rain throughout the whole day tested the endurance and aquatic skills of the riders.

2015 Oso bridge shot of cyclists

The beautiful landscape was covered in low mist and driving rain.

2015 OsoThe unique food stop at Rhodes River Ranch in Oso, close to the mudslide, provided a welcoming highlight for the riders. In addition to the magnificent Ranch setting, riders enjoyed Cowgirl biscuits and gravy, fresh cookies and coffee overlooking an active horse arena !

2015 Oso Ranch

2015 Oso Rest station

A well organized event, in atrocious conditions acted as a reminder of the disaster a year ago, and the strength of the local community. Oso strong.

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1 Response to Muscles bikers involved in memorial ride to 43 lives lost in 2014 Oso mudslide

  1. UK says:

    Yee haa , congratulations to team endurance – great names of locations too !

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