Muscles volunteers revitalize garden for wheelchair bound pensioner.

In earlier days, 80 year old John Leech pride himself on his pristine Ipswich garden.     Now wheel-hair bound, he (and the garden) need a little assistance. On Saturday 18th April,  John met nine Muscles volunteers who transformed the view of his rear garden which now looks a little less ‘jungle like’ and gave John (and his neighbour) great satisfaction.  2015 TUFF photo from Rydal Walk

(The missing volunteer is Phil who took the photographs)
Just under 50 hours of voluntary work including clearing and cleaning the garden and reducing the height of the evergreen fence between the two properties resulted in John (and his neighbour) making matching donations to the Red Cross registered charity.
The team provided their own Masterchef, Elaine, who ensured that everyone was fed, watered and entertained !
This project was organized by Sylvia a friend of John who subsequently passed the following comment to the team.  “I wanted  to let everyone know what a marvellous job you all did and to pass on the heartfelt thanks of Ron (aka John) and his neighbour, who have both told me how pleased they are with the result. She says that Ron now spends a lot of time looking out of the window at what is now, once again, recognisable as a garden. In respect of your work, both men have given her cheques to pass on to the British Red Cross”
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