Shottisham fencing project features two father and son combinations

Situated three miles from the east coast of Suffolk, UK, is the small village of Shottisham. It is recorded in the 1066 Domesday Book as having 24 households (which was quite large compared to other nearby village parishes), containing 1 smallholder and 15 ‘free’ men. The parish Church was originally founded in 1618. Within a stones throw of the Church is the village pub and a two hundred year old cottage that featured in the latest Muscles job.

The overgrown fence required the teams attention on a mild day in October.y3m0qy8Pm_rY2jJZ4IApgx3ezjx21EcBW00nUaAiZpRKEtfAXYsykQw-oDs2OQhme6DRE36f8u5m12tv2MOQYL0JiGJuf4JnMBU7RRt9EVHhHJjUlwCe7B_kSu7q48QdeT_t7my                           y3mx5v9rzMMaYl815UpGo5DIBZk3zlhiv0_-TINauyvCKK0HuskgCdR-qe1BuhGhhkeC68Im81PvnI4hU9qrgRuFOfXhuLRl5jNtxASMjnCEoEalq6Ec7qLBtBNpCSXo0fWmGcX

Below, meet David and Alan, Nick and George, two father and son combinations that formed the backbone of the Muscles team on Saturday 10th October.





DSCF3231Sincere appreciation from Alan and Elaine to everyone involved, – Nick, George, Phil, David, Ed, Adam and Alan the Brewer and Phil.

Special thanks to Adam and Alan the Brewer for returning the following Monday to help complete the project.

Finally thanks to Elaine and Alan for a very generous donation to ‘Community Action Nepal‘.  Nice job everyone


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