Thirteen Muscles volunteers complete a garden makeover with two Masterclasses

High Res Team BESTMid November and thirteen volunteers traveled to the small village of Sudbourne to complete a garden make-over which included moving three tonnes of shingle from the front entrance to the rear garden area.


The team welcomed Terry Titmus and everyone’s energy was engaged in hedge and bush trimming, gutter clearing , shrub removal , extensive path crack clearing and leaf collecting which culminated in the filling to the top of a very appreciative skip.

DSC_4321DSC_4376Dave Dring offered a masterclass in advanced petrol hedging, making short work of Kate’s shrubbery which he trimmed to a very high standard, and his monster truck provided the ideal vehicle when extra shingle was required.

High Res gardenKate’s masterclass consisted of a Latin lesson with regards to the contents of her garden,  – what was to be removed and what would stay –  and culinary delights that rewarded the teams efforts on a winter morning.

Thanks to Phil, Richard, Kevin, Ed, Elaine, Alan, Katie, Adam, Terry, Dave, Nick , George and Bernie, and appreciation from the team to Kate for her hospitality.

Kate’s chosen charity was the Royal British Legion.

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