‘Stinky Spoke’ charity involment by US Muscles team


Stinky Spoke,  the annual 18 mile mountain bike challenge starting and finishing at a Woodinville Brewery, features hundreds of riders and hillsides with names like ‘Heart attack hill‘, supporting local non-profit, Little Bit Theraputic Horse Riding Center.

The organizers pick, what is generally agreed to be, the worst weather day of the year. 2016 was no exception with heavy rain throughout the day, and the deteriorating course  that challenged over a thousand riders.

Riding for Muscles – Frank, Bill and Hoby (pictured below) and Kaito (not in the photo) did the really hard work, while Amy, Ody, Connie, Teya, Suzanne,  and Bish were busy manning the first Rest Station.    Thanks to everyone involved and especially Amy for organizing the Muscles involvement.




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1 Response to ‘Stinky Spoke’ charity involment by US Muscles team

  1. MFC UK says:

    Great job – it’s good to see that old stinky couldn’t match your MFC resilience !

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