16 Muscles volunteers complete a garden ‘makeover’ for military veteran.

Sixteen Muscles for Charity volunteers enjoyed a mixture of sunshine, rain and biting cold weather during a garden ‘makeover’ at Coggeshall on 5th March for 22 year military veteran Geoff Powell.  The team welcomed Rob, Ian and Mick as well as Annie (proposer), Stuart (brother of Geoff) and Geoff’s parents.

The before and after photographs, (below) show part of the rear garden  ‘makeover’

Garden 002 DSC_4288

Geoff’s debilitating and aggressive ‘Young Persons’ Parkinson’s disease leaves him housebound. The teams efforts clearing the rear garden, overgrown shrubs and trees, either side of the rear fence, repairing sections of the perimeter fence contributed to allowing him to enjoy the spring weather and watching activity in the garden again..

DSC_4241  DSC_4226

The ‘Muscles family’ helping the ‘Powell family’.


On behalf of the Powell family, Anne sent the following message to the Muscles volunteers.

I have been trying to write a thank you that is worthy of such a fantastic bunch of people. You have no idea the difference you all made to Geoff yesterday. After you had gone he was chatting to us in a way he hasn’t done for years. So not only have you made a huge difference to the garden you have lifted a weight from his shoulders and have given joy to a heart where there was very little. Now we have a fab photo of him with you and your team which we will cherish!. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Kindest regards,Annie 

The Muscles volunteers welcomed the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease.

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1 Response to 16 Muscles volunteers complete a garden ‘makeover’ for military veteran.

  1. Moyra Powell says:

    I just want to thank the team for the work done at Geoff’s garden it meant a great deal to us Geoffs parents to meet such a great bunch of people plus dog who worked hard in the rain to clear the garden. I know Geoff enjoyed meeting the team and has also asked us to thank you for your hard work.
    Kindest regards, Moyra & Mick Powell

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