US Muscles volunteers undertake a two day flooring project involving their own ‘Gorilla’ !

Hero_House_logoMuscles for Charity (USA) were invited by the Hero House Management team to help remove carpet across the main activity room at their Bellevue, WA base and prepare the floor area for a commercial organization to replace the carpet with laminate flooring.

The main challenge was the carpet  had been glued to a concrete floor and the staff had no idea what might be hidden under the ageing carpet.

Meet the hard working  team responsible for the removal of the carpet and preparation of the concrete floor over two days during  July 2016.


Muscles welcomed new team members, Susan, Scott, Keri and daughter Alexa (not in the photo) to the team.

The first of the two days required the existing carpet and linoleum to be removed. This exposed the amount of glue used to bind the carpet to the concrete. Removing this required hours of patience, team work and rented equipment.


WP_20160716_055Determination overcame the dusty environment as the team exposed the concrete surface and identified various holes, cracks and seams that required attention on Day 2.WP_20160716_051


Everyone worked extremely hard in trying conditions, but Greg Davis (the Hero House, building supervisor) christened Frank a ‘Gorilla” after his herculean efforts with the heavy skimming tool during a marathon six hour session.


One day after the Muscles team finished preparing the floor, the contractor was able to start laying the new laminated flooring.


More photographs of the project are available on the Muscles USA 2016 page


‘Thank you ALL so much for all your wonderful help and hard work in getting HERO House’s carpets removed. We know it is incredibly difficult work and we are so thankful for your wonderful organization and volunteer work. We are forever in your debt.’

Kailey Fiedler-Gohlke, MA, CRC
Executive Director




HERO House, Bellevue and their supporters help people with mental illness in King County get jobs and live independent lives.

HERO House is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization and is a proud recipient of the 2013 King County Exemplary Service Award for Advocacy and Social Inclusion.

Visit their website

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1 Response to US Muscles volunteers undertake a two day flooring project involving their own ‘Gorilla’ !

  1. MFC UK says:

    Awesome job , as they say in America – the before and after looks fantastic !

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