Saturday 24th September – unusual Muscles jobs in Kesgrave, UK and Bellevue, USA


Carole is a keen gardener and, some time ago, installed an additional down pipe from her roof guttering to fill her water butt at her Kesgrave, UK home.
The unfortunate consequence of that was that she ended up with a flooded garden, as the  builder of her house only fitted one other down pipe for the four adjoining houses. Clearly insufficient for their needs.
Carole decided that she no longer wanted ANY water from the roof, so the solution was simple, block the down pipe.
Enter Muscles specialists,  Bernie and Nick with ladder and tennis ball.                                  Job done, in minutes!


At the same time and thousands of miles away, members of the US Muscles team and Ed (visiting from London) were involved in the Olympic Games.

0924161455d The Ardmore Elementary Olympic Games held in Bellevue, WA involved hundreds of children, with assistance and support provided by Sheri and Fred, Glenna, Ed and Bish.


                        Muscles Project 373 (Kesgrave) and Project 374 (Bellevue, WA)                                                                                         Total voluntary hours 13,390




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