UK Muscles team end 2016 with a landscaping project benefiting CRY.


Every week in the UK at least twelve young people die of un-diagnosed heart conditions. Since its formation in 1995, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) has been working to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death.

It’s a decade since Muscles for Charity were represented by Phil, Bernie, Glenna, Steve and Bish at a live auction at Suffolk Police Headquarters to raise money and awareness of CRY following the sudden death of a colleagues teenage daughter.


Fast forward to the 2017 festive season and the smiling ‘Dirty dozen’ Muscles volunteers worked on Robi and Kate’s rear garden in preparation for a major landscaping job.



Robi and Kate’s rear garden before the volunteers arrived on a cloudy Saturday morning.

Bernie’s (true story) briefing was followed by three hours of digging, leveling, breaking up concrete, moving paving slabs and general preparation for New Year landscaping work.

1210160048a 1210160149

The odd problem was resolved by prompt and professional attention.


A delighted Robi commented, “It was great to see all the guys and the work you did for us was amazing.  I must say that it was also humbling to see the amount of effort and dedication to the task that was displayed by everyone. Whilst we are aware that muscles don’t get involved in money, we will be sending our donation to CRY and will pass on a link to your website. Again, please pass on our thanks to all those who helped, it was a brilliant effort and a fun morning (……for me anyway as I wasn’t braking my back like you guys).

Visit the Cardiac Risk in the Young website at

Visit turn UP your sound and watch  how fast the team completed the project.

Alan, Ed, Bernie, Kev, Terry, Simon, Doug, Ian, Adam and Craig wish everyone a wonderful festive season on behalf of Muscles for Charity volunteers in Europe and North America.


Muscles project number 379, total voluntary hours (to date) 14,200

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