Web visitors make 2016 a record year for Muscles for Charity.


The Muscles for Charity website was visited a record number of times during 2016. Recently released statistics by our host (WordPress) revealed that the site was viewed 5,389 times (or 15 times a day, every day !), by almost 1,500 visitors.

Five thousand of the views originated in either the UK, USA, Belgium or Canada, but other countries represented include; Uganda, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands, Kenya, Tanzania,France, Spain,Zambia, Germany, Mauritius, Australia, Ireland, India, Senegal, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Pakistan, Ukraine, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia, Georgia, China, Gambia, Cuba, South Korea, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Mexico, Poland, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Croatia.

At the end of 2016, volunteers had completed 379 completed projects, benefiting 130 non profits or registered charities in 12 countries with voluntary hours (not including travel) exceeding 14,200 hours.

Thanks to everyone for your commitment, hard work, friendship and humour.

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