Muscles team members bring joy to senior citizens on a glorious day in Suffolk.

Saturday 8th April and a dozen Muscles volunteers use their gardening, repair, installation and innovative skills to benefit three different senior citizens on the east and west sides of Ipswich.

Under cloudless skies they completed a variety of projects, including removing and installing a washing machine, painting, interior and exterior repairs, cleaning brick walls and patio, assembling garden furniture and gutter repair.

Comments were received from VeronicaI would like to say a very big thank you to all who came to me today.  An assortment of tasks were given to them and they happily undertook these and an extremely good job was once again made. I so appreciate all they do for me. Best Wishes to all, Veronica xx

and Trish “Many thanks to Bernie, Ed and Phil for all their hard work in my garden on Saturday 8th April. It will now be much easier for me to cope with.My thanks again and love and best wishes to you all. Trish xx     Ps Glad you enjoyed the bacon rolls !!

Thanks to everyone involved and to the ladies for their generous donations to charity.

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