1969 movie ‘The Italian Job’, what’s the connection with Muscles for Charity ?

The Italian Job (1969) poster 7

On Wednesday 25th October, 2017, David Markby and Bob Piggin left the UK on a ten day car rally based upon the original 1969 Italian Job film starring Michael Caine.

The trip was not just replicating part of the movie, it involved raising money for children’s charities, now in its 28th year, and has raised almost £2.5 million. The 2017  charity is Variety, which supports sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK, principally with coaches, wheelchairs, and specialist equipment and facilities.

That’s part of the Muscles for Charity connection – volunteering to raise money for a registered charity.  The additional part is David and Bob wore Muscles for Charity shirts during the adventure.

The Rally took place over a ten day period and ended on 4th November. Bob and David drove 2,500 miles from Sandhurst to the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (the birthplace of Ferrari), and back via Venice, Turin, Colmar and Rheims, to Ashford in Kent for an Awards Dinner.  The 4 day Navigational Rally took place in Emilia Romagna, and included  laps around the San Morino Grand Prix Circuit in Imola, after which then to Venice and Turin.

In Turin they visited the old Fiat Factory at Lingotto to drive around the original rooftop test track which featured in The Italian Job film (pictured below), followed by driving along the route taken by the three escaping minis after the Turin gold robbery – on this occasion being escorted by a team of police motorcyclists, rather than being pursued by them!

Bob and David also visited the Ferrari factory where Enzo Ferrari has the honour of being introduced to David Markby !!

Italian Job - meeting the founders !.JPGFollow photographs of David and Bob’s ten day adventure, enjoy their humour and/or donate to the Variety – Children’s Charity by visiting their website –  http://www.italianjobteam96.webs.com

The Rally was open to all cars which featured in the 1969 Film – mainly Minis – and later versions of those cars.  The Jaguar XJS they drove (which David owns) is 30 years old, and a successor to the Jaguar E Type which appeared in the film.

Congratulations to David and Bob on an inspiring adventure and raising thousands of pounds for charity.

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