The world visits Muscles for Charity – 2017


The Muscles for Charity website is powered by WordPress and each year at this time they provide statistics for the previous twelve months.

  • On average our website is visited approximately 5,000 times annually.
  • Visits in 2017 originated in 45 different countries, dominated by the UK, USA, Canada and Belgium.
  • The full list includes France, Russia, Ireland, Australia, European Union, Togo, United Arab Republic, Germany, Moldova, Singapore, Nepal, Spain, Zambia, China, Thailand, Denmark, India, Israel, Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Morocco, Uganda, Portugal, New Zealand, Lesotho, Peru, Tanzania, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Qatar, Benin, Greece, Alaska and Turkey.

Thanks to everyone who participated in another extraordinary year of fun, friendship and international co-operation.

2018 represents our twentieth anniversary.  Happy New Year everyone.


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1 Response to The world visits Muscles for Charity – 2017

  1. Trish Leggett says:

    A very happy new year to all the muscles team.
    Thanks for help and support over the past year. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.
    Good luck with your future projects in 2018.
    Love from

    Trish Leggett (scopes road ).

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