Boat cleaning in a small east coast harbor overlooked by a rural Pub – the latest Muscles project, benefits the RNLI !

Ramsholt view

A ferry ran for hundreds of years across the River Deben at Ramsholt near the east coast of Suffolk, within three miles of the North Sea. Overlooking the small jetty and quay, the present day Ramsholt Arms public house, (pictured above) was originally known as the Ferry House and a well known ‘Smugglers Den’.

Today the river has become an attraction for sailors and one of the major sailing centres on the east coast; the moorings support over 200 craft including retired skipper Richard Clarke’s, ‘Will Laude’, pictured below with Muscles ‘marine specialists’ Nick and Adam. Aldeburgh and three man team 3Ably assisted by Colin Booker, the trio, starting at 8am (through to 3pm) cleaned the boat, (named after an infamous local 19th century smuggler) tied to the quay as the high water dropped.

Richard commented that their efforts had surpassed his expectations and congratulated them on completing in a single day a job that normally took two people three days!
Demonstrating his gratitude, Richard’s chosen non-profit was a donation to the Aldeburgh lifeboat.

Aldeburgh lifeboatAldeburgh Lifeboat.


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