Saturday 12th May – Muscles records shattered as team members top 15,000 voluntary hours, 400 projects and celebrate 20 years !

Saturday 12th May 2018 represented a landmark  for Muscles for Charity.

Teams of volunteers working in three different countries contributed in excess of 230 hours of work resulting in our overall total reaching above 15,000 voluntary hours and completed projects topping 400 jobs.  All this as we celebrate our 20th anniversary year.

Congratulations and appreciation to everyone involved on this historic day.

WP_20140501_008In Belgium an international team worked at the 12th century Tongerlo Monastery, (featured above) whilst a large UK team transformed a garden in Ipswich. As the Belgian and British teams completed their projects the sun was rising over the Pacific Northwest of the USA where volunteers replaced railroad ties in a driveway at Kirkland, WA.

In 2018, the Monastery is celebrating its 888 year anniversary. Joining the Belgian Muscles team were volunteers from the UK and USA. Together fifteen people tackled a series of projects inside the monastery’s extensive walled gardens under the guidance of Brother Gabriel, featured (below) with Barry and Suzanne from the USA, Ed from the UK and Belgian ‘Captain’ Johan.

2018 Tongerlo Work party team

The task of transforming areas of the monastery gardens involved the usual mix of fun, friendship and humour.

MFC Rob and Johan strimming

MFC Workparty team photo

Brother Gabriel commented on the Muscles activity,

‘Muscles for charity did it again in Tongerlo Abbey: great work in the garden
with a smile and very helpfull last Saturday.
In name of the abbot and the whole community thank you very much for your work
and your friendship.
All the best greetings from Tongerlo,

fr. Gabriël
honorymember of Muscles for Charity

Additional information and photographs feature on the 2018 Muscles Belgium page – visit


In Ipswich, UK, the Muscles volunteers worked with representatives from Rotary to transform a rear garden area.  (Two photos before the project started below)

MFC team in progress

Muscles co-founder, Phil Boswell, provides and insight to the project and the volunteers,
“Personally, I don’t think they do justice to how hard the whole team worked. Every single one of them was magnificent and they were very ably assisted by 5 additional staff, supplied by Ipswich Rotary Club (a really friendly bunch, with MFC-like enthusiasm and application)”.
Additional information and photographs feature on the 2018 Muscles UK page – visit

MFC plus Rotary team

117 hours of work were donated by the Muscles volunteers and five Rotary members.  The client (via our Rotary friends) was Leone who is featured with her year old baby and mother.


On the west coast of the USA a smaller team were busy removing ageing railroad ties in a driveway entrance and replaced them with concrete slabs.  The before, during and after sequence is shown below.

Frank, Amy, Susan, Glenna and Bish’s Saturday morning work out resulted in a donation to a local pet shelter, Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, WA.

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