Muscles team at the seaside use an alligator during a garden makeover, but no bucket and spades or fish ‘n chips on the beach !

Felixstowe beach (2)Felixstowe beach on a beautiful summer weekend morning.  Relaxing and bracing.

A short distance from the beach nine Muscles volunteers removed and disposed of a number of conifers from a pensioners garden. Photo (below) features Diana’s garden before the team arrived.

Felixstowe before May 2018


The job was made easier with the use of an Alligator (also known as a ‘farm jack’ ), donated by the recipient of a job earlier this year and much appreciated given the unusually high temperatures this summer – and that Saturday in particular.
Alligators first outing

The conifers were disposed of in one journey to Felixstowe Municipal Recycling centre, where the helpful supervisor recognized the MFC Charity status and made no charge.

The charity benefiting from the teams efforts was National Ankylosing Spondilitus Society, close to the heart of the delighted recipient, Diana.        Nice job, guys !

MFC Felixstowe team behind the fence


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