Colossal Yard Clearance marks final job of 2018 (UK)

After weather scares delayed the final job of the year, 7 volunteers set about transforming the overgrown backyard of Emma’s Florists last Saturday morning.


The aim of the job was to remove enough vegetation so that the garden could be used as storage space and car parking for Emma’s Florists.

To combat the vast amount of greenery the team utilised an industrial shredder, without which the provided skip would have been full very quickly.




The work enabled the back gates to the yard to be closed for the first time in long while, hopefully putting a stop to the frequent occurrence of fly-tipping.


Grateful words from Emma:
“I just wanted to thank the team for their work in the backyard, it looks amazing!”

The job benefited Inspire Suffolk, the second job for the great charity in the past few weeks – both sourced from their charity auction last month.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!



Muscles project number – 409                                                                                                        Total voluntary hours – 15,500

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1 Response to Colossal Yard Clearance marks final job of 2018 (UK)

  1. Terry Titmus says:

    Brilliant result, well done – I wish I could have joined you all. Have a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.

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