MFC turn to bank job in support of good cause.

At short notice, the call went out to assemble a 5-man team of shady characters.


The team got a tip-off that an Ipswich branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland was closing down the following Monday, giving them a one-day window to get their hands on a self-contained interview pod for our friends at Inspire Suffolk.


The interview pod was disassembled and loaded into the getaway vehicle –  Inspire provided their minibus to transport the goods from the bank, back to their headquarters


Once clear of the bank, the team reassembled the pod at Inspire HQ, which has since been very useful to Inspire by making better use of their office facilities.

An example of Inspire Suffolk’s great work can be found through the video here:

Muscles project number – 410                                                                                                        Total voluntary hours – 15,520

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