Kesgrave residents assisted by five Muscles friends, although double that number volunteered to assist !

MFC Kesgrave - Al Camerona team (2)
The Muscles team members who assisted at Al and Des Cameron’s home in Kesgrave on  Saturday 13th July quickly completed the project.
Photograph by the fifth team member – Phil.
The job was simply to repaint the masonry at the front of the bungalow and, as the threatened drizzle held off, two coats were applied quite swiftly.
While the main crew of Elaine, Richard and Bernie completed the painting, Kev and Phil dismantled old shelving in the garage and replaced it with a new-metal-freestanding item.
The charity benefiting from Al and Des’s contribution is the East Anglian Childrens’ Hospice (EACH).
Incidentally, Bernie’s choice of transport to the job was supposed to remain secret !
MFC Kesgrave Flying Bernie (2)
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