Muscles (USA) volunteers tackle a ‘one-off’ project to assist Bellevue,WA octogenarians.

team at finishSummer 2019 and Muscles volunteers in the Pacific Northwest responded to a request from two senior citizens to help organize an estate sale on their behalf. The ‘set-up’ team began the process, but the story behind the headline is detailed below.

In the Spring of 2016, Judy Barlup, octogenarian and Sewing Queen from Bellevue, WA, USA decided to sell her unique collection of quilts, sewing fabric, kimono’s, books, equipment and more and invited Muscles for Charity volunteers (several featured in the photograph below) to assist during a two day ‘Gone out of Business’ sale that involved months of planning and preparation.

MFC 2015 Judy and the Fabric sale team

Jim in his garden_72dpi

Three years later Judy, and her husband Jim, (above) decided to downsize and move from their beautiful Bellevue home (after 41 years) to residential accommodation and again invited the Muscles team to work with them to plan, organize and manage an Estate Sale on their behalf.

A considerable amount of preparatory work was required ahead of the main two-day sale starting August 3rd 2019.

The team welcomed new member Kailey Ayres and, as usual, Muscles volunteers worked hard, with integrity, humour, generosity, understanding and team spirit to help make this most challenging transition a bit less stressful for Jim and Judy.

Here’s Judy’s response to the Muscles team, “Amazing!! The muscles crew did the impossible!    I can believe how little is left.
It must have been a good combination of organization, management, salesmanship,
enthusiasm etc., etc.      Whatever it took, you got it!”

2019 Barlup sale tream photo 2

Special appreciation to everyone involved in a project benefiting two senior citizens at a difficult time in their lives.  This unique challenge resulted in the team donating more than 420 voluntary work hours.

Jim and Judy’s generous donation to their chosen charity, YES (Youth Eastside Services, Bellevue) has been added to the overall list of US and Canadian charities.

Muscles Project –  420                                                                                                                     Total Muscles voluntary hours – 16,225

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