Dog Pen and Gardening job benefits Woodbridge Mayor’s charities (UK Team)

A team of 12 volunteers gathered in Parham, rural Suffolk, England, on the last day of August to complete a job which was organised following a successful bid for Muscles’ services at the Woodbridge Mayor’s Charity Ball earlier this year.


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at 21.29.10.jpeg

(Steve Kent absent from photo)


Andrew (the successful bidder) pledged a significant amount to the Mayor’s Charity, which this year benefits both The Woodbridge Soldiers’ Fund and Woodbridge Rotary Club.

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When initially organised, the job involved the construction of a fence line at the back of the property to close in a dog pen, with the potential for other general gardening work time permitting.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-01 at 20.20.03.jpeg

The skip was full even after some ‘on top’ management.



Some words from Andrew:
“I was recently fortunate to attend a charity ball in which I successfully won a bid for a day of work from MFC.

At first I was unsure what to expect from the team at MFC, however, Nick Bentley the lead for my job swiftly contacted me to visit my home and talk me through their capabilities and discuss my requirements.

D-Day – The team at MFC arrived early on a bright and sunny Saturday, what was supposed to be a team of 9 turned into 12. They swiftly got to work. My expectation was that they would complete the dog pen by the close of the day. To my surprise, not only did they deliver a high-quality finishing product but they also managed to complete these additional tasks:

1. Rip out cricket nets
2. Cut down rotten trees.
3. Trim all hedgerows.
4. Tidy trees and bushes.
5. Cut Grass.
6. General Tidy of full garden (1.5 acres)

The work carried out by MFC can only be described as exceptional. Each member of the team was polite and had their own stories of their commitment to MFC and the great work they do.

Thank you all at MFC once again. Keep up the great work.”


Muscles Project –  421                                                                                                                     Total Muscles voluntary hours – 16,323

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