Last job of the decade – UK team returns to Sudborne

An overcast late November morning in the village of Sudborne (Suffolk) was soon brightened up by the visit of 11 volunteers led by Adam Osborne to set about a garden makeover.


The recipient of the makeover was Kate Lacey, who in addition to wanting an autumnal tidy up, requested a brick plinth to be built to display a large ornamental pot.


A base and carefully crafted brickwork soon took pride of place in the garden having been overseen by Muscles for Charity brickwork consultant Steve Kent, chief cutter Adam Osborne and ‘handy with spade’, Ian Bishop.


Elsewhere in the garden hedges were re-shaped and managed, trees and shrubs cropped, pond cleared and trellis erected. The collection of leaves completed the skip load.


The team were joined by new volunteers Nicola Greenfield and Peter Krolik who were welcomed and introduced to Kate’s amazing lemon drizzle cake over tea break and a sumptuous lunch.  (It’s not a prerequisite of all recipients of MFC jobs but it certainly keeps the team going)


The volunteer’s time converted into donations to The Woodbridge Solider’s Fund, to assist a young man raising money to join an expedition to Africa and two other good causes (update awaits).

Muscles project number – 424                                                                                                           Total voluntary hours – 16,439


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