Muscles members, of all ages, complete second phase of garden project in Chehalis, WA, USA

Fiveteen members of the US Muscles for Charity team returned to Chehalis, WA on Saturday 24th April 2021 to complete a garden makeover project for recipient, Barb Blackwell, that was started in November 2020.

Returning to Barb’s home in the quiet, undulating countryside near Chehalis represented a promise made in November 2020 when a smaller Muscles team started to clear parts of her five acre garden in limited daylight hours.

On 24th April 2021, after eight consecutive days of temperatures above 70 degrees, the Pacific Northwest weather reverted to 100% rain and below average temperatures throughout the day.

View of the house after the team cleared shrubbery and wind fall debris.

Team members from California, CA and Spokane, WA (a round trip of 720 miles) were determined to overcome the weather as they removed and rebuilt an eight foot high ‘deer fence’, pressure washed the wooden deck areas, removed winter tree debris, cleared overgrown areas of the garden, and entrance, driveway and built two large burn piles.

Pressure washing the areas surrounding the house
Members of the team erecting new eight foot high fencing to deter deer from entering the garden area.

The team also welcomed the newest, youngest members of the US team, Kaya and Kaden, who impressed the senior members with their positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills.

One of burn piles resulting from clearing winter windfall

Barb’s comments after the event summarise the teams attitude and hard work, “As I wander around my place this morning, I smile and feel a great sense of hope. Thank you one and all! I’m inspired by the new fence line, it reminds me of a grand stage prop that should wear a red velvet curtain . . . chicken wire will have to do for now. I’m excited to haul stuff in my gorilla cart and decide where to place the Adirondack charirs, who knows how long they would have remained in an unassembled state. Trimming back the ferns, hauling and raking gravel, pressure washing, fence building and clearing windfall, (I know my Barbie chain saw would not have dealt with that) . . . all that and nice human beings too, gives me hope for humanity”

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