North American Muscles for Charity team supporting decorated 98 year old WW2 veteran, Dick Nelms.

During 1944, Richard A Nelms, then aged 21 years, completed the maximum number of 35 missions over Nazi occupied Europe piloting a B17 bomber manufactured in Seattle, USA.

Nowadays, Dick volunteers at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, standing beside a B17, captivating members of the public with explanations of his role and responsibility during World War 2.

During 1944, Dick flew all his 35 missions from RAF Rattlesden, Suffolk In 2017, Muscles for Charity volunteers from Suffolk met Dick at the Mercer Island Community Centre, near Seattle..

Dicks B17 bomber in World War 2 flew at a top speed 317mph, and cruised at 200mph with a 4,000lb bomb load. In the photograph below – 77 years later – Dick co-piloted an Executive jet from Chicago to Washington DC flying at 550mph at 41,000 feet.

Nowadays people from all over the world have their photographs taken with Dick at the Museum of Flight. This couple journeyed from Seville, Spain. Although he remains extremely sharp and thoroughly enjoys meeting people and reminding them of life during a World War, his eyesight is deteriorating, and he is not supposed to drive. Muscles for Charity volunteers now fulfill this role on a weekly five-hour basis, and Dick makes plans for his 100th birthday.

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