UK Muscles Clear Garden for Long-Time Supporter

During what proved to be an unseasonably mild mid-November Saturday morning, seven Muscles volunteers returned to Sudbourne, Suffolk, UK, to complete a garden clearance and gatepost replacement task at the home of long-time MFC supporter, Kate.

After a total of 30 hours labour the volunteers had removed the old gatepost (which the original fitter had intended NEVER to be replaced!), fitted a replacement, poured and spread new shingle, pruned several trees, clipped several hedges, cleared gutters, removed plant growth from the side of the bungalow, planted snowdrops and daffodils for the Spring, demolished two lemon drizzle cakes and drank several cups of tea and coffee, before having to admit defeat by not finishing all of the meatball pasta and cheesecake that Kate had so liberally provided for lunch.

The outcome was a winter-ready garden and, again thanks to Kate’s generosity, donations being made to the Alzheimers Society, Cancer Research UK and The Royal British Legion.

Muscles project number – 434
Total voluntary hours – 16,863

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