UK Muscles Mates Job

Ahead of the incoming storm Arwen, the UK team jumped at the chance to help ‘Lady’ Sarah with a garden clear up.

With Alan watching over the team, the inclement weather held off for the ten volunteers who attended to trees, hedges and cutting up firewood.

Vera was on-hand to transport the green waste to the local dump over two trips.

Sarah is very thankful for the job and has sent us the following message:
“A Christmas Muscles miracle took place today at Brook Bottom Brewery.
Wow what a speedy transformation these wonderful gentleman achieved in only three hours despite the rain.
They quickly donned their all weather gear and with good humour and great kindness proceeded to chop, saw and totally tidy the complete garden from back to front!
you are truly amazing muscles men, thank you so so much.
You have no idea how thrilled we are with the clear up. Now the garden can go to bed for the winter. Alan would have been so pleased.
Sending you all much love and a humungous thank you!”

The team will all raise a toast to Alan as they sample some of his last brew.
Cheers Alan!

Muscles project number – 435
Total voluntary hours – 16,893

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