Many hands make Light work!

The Muscles UK Team were tasked by the Mayor of Felixstowe Mark Jepson with a landscaping task at a primary school in Langer Road Felixstowe.
The job was clearing an area of old wood and removing to a skip for disposal. The ‘Felixstowe Men’s Shed’,, had pre made six large and heavy wooden raised planters which were transported to the site that morning along with several tons of top soil and loose decorative bark.

The muscles team was ten strong, including Kieron which made three generations of Grews. The team was joined by others to clear and level the site. Ron had the plan and measured out where the wooden planters were to be positioned.  
The levelling and wheelbarrowing was frantic filling topsoil in the planters and carrying the excess old surface to the end where it was being stacked in a new raised area.

Later in the morning a dozen men from the regiment at Woodbridge joined the team and the work rate accelerated again. Ground levelled, planters in place and filled, decorative bark laid, site generally tidied we finished early at about 11:30am 

Many hands did make work and the result was impressive. Another 30 hours of Muscles work completed. 

Muscles project number – 436
Total voluntary hours – 16,923

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1 Response to Many hands make Light work!

  1. Sharron Lyons says:

    What a great job! Can’t wait till I can travel internationally safely !

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