Storm Ravaged Felixstowe Fence gets Muscles Treatment


The Muscles team arrived to a waiting plate of biscuits and refreshments, before swiftly pulling down the old fence at the job in Felixstowe.

Ready for the dump!

After disposing of the old fence, the team split into two squads to focus on putting up the featherboard panels and replacing three old posts for the new gate.

Some of the old posts were only 4 inches deep, meaning the team had to dig down 2ft through layers of cement and clay to make sure the new posts would last longer than their predecessors.

The job was completed in just under 6 hours, with the usual amount of muscles banter and camaraderie in some lovely weather. In addition to the fencing, Sarah made sure the garden was also looked after and not damaged in the process.


Anne, the recipient of the job, had this to say about the team:

“Thank you to Muscles For Charity for stepping up to replacing my old fence.
It’s made the garden feel much fresher and given it a new sense of security!
The team was very professional and friendly throughout!”

A donation was made to St Elizabeth’s Hospice.

A job well done!

Muscles project number – 437
Total voluntary hours – 16,965

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